D. Woods Home

The Woods family had their roof replaced and upgraded, as well as new screens a windblown fence repair. They were great to work with. Thanks for choosing KG!

  • Date:?April 2019
  • Client: D. Woods
  • Project Type: Roof replacement and Fence repair

About this Project

For the roof, the Woods family chose IKO Cambridge Shingles in Weathered Wood Color. They also opted for the Ultra High Profile Ridge Cap.


  • New Roof
  • Ultra High Profile Ridge
  • Weathered Wood Coloring
  • New Window Screens
  • Repaired a Wind-Blown Fence

As you can see in the photo to the left, the old roof was covered with builder’s grade, 3-Tab shingles. We automatically upgrade to 30-year laminate shingles for every homeowner. The wind damage they received was due to the inferior, much lighter shingles originally used on their roof. The shingles that were violently ripped up from the storm exposed the roof underlayment which would of allowed any outside element to work its way inside the home, causing further interior damage.

We upgraded their entire roof starting with the synthetic felt underlayment, to the ice and water shield in the valleys, topped off with the heavy-duty IKO Cambridge shingles and the curb-appealing Impact Resistant Ultra High Profile ridge cap.

We refuse to cut corners on any project, no matter the size.

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