B. Barter Project

The Barter family home was hit by the largest hail storm of 2019. They came to us with a wide variety of repair needs. We represented them and fought for every dollar they deserved on their claim, and got their home back in better shape than before the storm.

  • Date: May?2019
  • Client: B. Barter
  • Project Type: Roof Replacement, Window Replacement, New Gutters/Downspouts, Fence Re-Stain

About this Project

The hail storm did a number on their privacy fence. Here is the fence that the Barter family wanted to have repaired. The fence was in pretty sad shape after all the years of weather and use.

Today, we think it looks pretty sharp!!

  • Completely stripped of previous stain
  • Repaired broken slats
  • Finished off with a beautiful Red Cedar stain

With the size of hail that we get in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, not even metal is immune to damage. Here we have an exhaust cap that has been pummeled from the hail storm. Your metal components on the roof such as turtle vents, exhaust vents, and turbines will be the first to reveal the size and severity of the hail that hit your home.

Once again, we here at KG Roofing and Renovations are willing to work with YOU, the homeowner, whenever there is a hail or wind storm. We stand side by side with our clients, like we did with the Barter family, to ensure that your claim is paid out to the best of our ability.

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